nora fok
When invited to make new work using flax/linen for the linen festival in Canada I was excited and worried at the same time. I had never used flax or linen before, this was a big challenge.

I began my research by carefully sprinkling the flax seeds into a flower pot and observing every stage of the growing plants. It was fun!
Focus on Cloud Nylon is a collection of key pieces selected by Lesley Craze to be exhibited at her gallery. Cloud Nylon is a Harley Gallery exhibition which has been touring the UK for the past two years.
Hello, my name is R D on the hill(s)
This is the most exciting way I discovered to grow tomatoes, have a go and its delicious and fun!

Penguin is a name given to a very intelligent herring gull who visits us everyday asking for food for over four years.

At the beginning, he came to have a drink of water and picked up any breadcrumbs the pigeons left in our back garden. Gradually he stayed a little longer looking for us to put food out for him.

We put food out when he comes and in Spring 2007 he started a family, and he came with his wife and was successfully raised two chicks. They came early in the morning and in the afternoon everyday until their chicks left and the couple disappeared for a few weeks and came back for the winter.