nora fok

Penguin is a name given to a very intelligent herring gull who visits us everyday asking for food for over four years.

At the beginning, he came to have a drink of water and picked up any breadcrumbs the pigeons left in our back garden. Gradually he stayed a little longer looking for us to put food out for him.

We put food out when he comes and in Spring 2007 he started a family, and he came with his wife and was successfully raised two chicks. They came early in the morning and in the afternoon everyday until their chicks left and the couple disappeared for a few weeks and came back for the winter.
Butterfly Biscuits

Celebrating Chinese New Year with these special biscuits, share luck and good fortune with loved ones.
Last year when I served these biscuits at the opening of Could Nylon exhibition at the Harley Gallery, many visitors asked for a recipe. When I made these biscuits this year I took photographs
as a record to share with people who would like to make them.
Thank you all for visiting my website and taking an interest in what I am making.
Have a magical Christmas holiday!
Happy children, happy me
There are four magazine articles on the Cloud Nylon exhibition, by
four excellent writers, four ways of seeing the exhibits.
Please come and join me and students from Newcastle College for these fun workshops during juice festival. We will be using dried seeds, dried petals, seed pods, leaves and sticks to build life like bugs and butterflies.